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A Lesson in Anatomy for Lake Country Academy 3rd Graders

The third graders at Lake Country Academy had special visitors to help them prepare for a test on the skeletal system. Dr. Andersen and Dr. Peterson, parents of children at Lake Country Academy, took their time to show special power point presentations on the skeletal system and other interesting topics. Dr. Andersen, a chiropractor, showed a fascinating power point, whereby the program would peel away layers of skin and muscle to reveal the bones. He also showed the students how calcium supports bone health and how phosphorus can harm bones by replacing calcium. Dr. Peterson, a radiologist, shared the history of specialization of various medical fields. He also had a wonderful power point presentation prepared that talked about invertebrates and vertebrates, which tied in with the study of animal classification. The students learned about hydrostatic skeletons as well. A model of a skeleton and samples of bone replacement hardware were brought in along with samples of real bones from an ear.

The children learned much about this aspect of anatomy that hopefully will encourage them to study further the amazing human body.

This is a great example of how working parents use their knowledge to enrich the education experience of children at Lake Country Academy. For more information about Lake Country Academy visit their website.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 16, 2008