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Student Teacher from China Gives Lessons to Kids at Lake Country Academy

Students at Lake Country Academy have an added cultural encounter this winter; they are hosting a Chinese Presenter - a person from China who works voluntarily in schools adding valuable cultural exchange experiences.

The opportunity arose earlier this year when school administrator Carla Koepp was contacted by a The Chinese School Teaching Assistant Program which is part of the International Internship Program (IIP).

A representative from IIP asked Koepp if Lake Country Academy would be interested in hosting a Chinese Presenter. Koepp was excited about the opportunity for Lake Country Academy students to learn the culture, language, customs and many other things about China.

The Presenter, Cui Ye, is student teaching at Lake Country Academy October 21, 2008-Jan. 20, 2009. While in Sheboygan, Ye is being hosted by Brian and Peggy Ayers, a Lake Country Academy family.

Ye is from the Shangdong Province in Beijing, China. Prior to her arrival in the United States she was screened by IIP based on her personality, communicative ability and purpose for participating in the program.

Presenters are typically in their 20's and 30's and have completed two to four years of higher education, and are currently enrolled in a university.

"The students understand the Chinese language, they are very smart and the pre K'rs are very cute," Ye said. "The sixth and seventh graders know a lot about China. It's a great thing."

This is the first time Lake Country Academy has hosted a presenter and it has proven to be a huge success.

For more information about Lake Country Academy visit their website.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 20, 2008