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Local Hero Visits Washington School

Corporal Daniel Soerens, son of Sandy Soerens a long-term educational assistant at Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy, paid a very special visit to the school on Monday, December 22.

He came to share information about his life as a soldier with the students at Washington. Soerens had been in Kirkuk, Iraq for 15 months. When he returns to active duty he will go to Afghanistan. He shared with students that in Kirkuk the student enrollment is increasing since the presence of the U.S. forces. The children are shy, but the soldiers often give them stuffed animals that their own families send to them to share with the Iraqi children. The schools have no technology and many of the supplies are provided by the U.S., Soerens reported.

Soerens is a team leader and takes responsibility for those who serve under him. If something is done incorrectly he is responsible, he told the children. Soerens is with the 10th Mountain Division out of New York.

He and his wife and two children are from the Sheboygan area, but currently are living in New York. Everyone at Washington wished him well as he continues to serve his country.

He will complete his ten years of duty on November 9, 2011.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 29, 2008