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North Culinary Students Partner with Professionals

On Tuesday, December. 22, Johnsonville Sausage Company presented Sheboygan North High School Culinary Club students with a check for $500. The donation is the result of an ongoing relationship between the two groups.

The donation will be used for supplies and equipment for the culinary team and general program operations.

In October, North culinary students paired up with Chef Michael Zeller from Johnsonville to prepare toppings and condiments for Johnsonville Brats served at the Kohler Food & Wine Experience. Their recipes and finished products were featured at the Johnsonville table during the event's Vendor Fairs at Woodlake Market.

The creations included: Peach-Mango Chutney Dijon, Hot Mustard Onion Relish, Tomatillo Green Apple Chipotle Relish and Caramelized Shallot (Door County) Cherry Confit.

"The students said they really enjoyed talking to shoppers and visitors about Chef Zeller's mustard creations and the condiments that their class created," said Karen Sullivan, North High School Culinary instructor. "They were also pleased that some customers asked if they could buy their products."

Students in the class who participated in the project were Kevin Bolwerk, Brian Shaw and Colin Wilis.

Chef Zeller also invited the students to assist him at his Food & Wine presentation, "Autumn Savours" at the Sub Zero and Wolf Midwest Chefs' Stage.

In preparing for the presentation, students Heather Madson, Raven Neils and Alex Theodoroff visited the Johnsonville Global Headquarters Corporate Kitchen where they helped set up Chef Zeller's presentation the following day. They helped in the preparation of a Zesty Cheese and Sausage Soup, Andouille Sausage-Chicken Salad and Brat and Kraut Strudel.

Zeller gave them a tour and taught them many great cooking techniques. Madson and Theodoroff served as assistants to Zeller during his presentation.

Front row, left to right: Raven Neils, Holly Berg, Brian Shaw, Heather Madson, Alex Gamez
Back row, left to right: Karen Sullivan, Instructor, Tiana Wieck, Alex Theodoroff, Kevin Bolwerk and Johnsonville Research and Corporate Development Chef, Mike Zeller
Absent: Gee Lee and Colin Willis

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
January 6, 2009