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Superintendent Helps Celebrate Success at A2 & Jackson Schools
A2 Charter and Jackson Elementary Schools honored their Students of the Month at a Top of the Line Assembly on Friday, February 13. Dr. Joe Sheehan, Sheboygan Area School District superintendent, was the guest of honor.

Sheehan helped congratulate the students and made the award presentations for the many good deeds the students had performed in recent weeks.

After the program, Sheehan joined the students at A2 as they performed commercials advertising the inventions they had created as part of a school project.

A2 students researched inventors and inventions of the past and then developed an idea to meet a need, solve a problem or entertain. Next, using the Internet, books and interviews, they investigated whether the item already existed and finally, developed a model of their creation. The students then advertised their inventions to classmates, teachers and staff members. Students will also present their work to their families at the A2 student-led parent teacher conferences February 17 and 19.

Sheehan also had the opportunity to view the advertisements and inventions. "If anyone is worried about American creative ingenuity, please come visit A2 and hear and see what our students are inventing. Indeed America's future is in creative, well-prepared hands as demonstrated by our A2 students' projects," he said.

The project had a large impact on the student's education covering a diverse breadth of learning opportunities making them think a little harder.

Fifth grader Chaz H. said that the invention project increased his understanding of the intensity required in inventing something.

"I never really thought about making an invention before and it took a lot of thinking and planning," said fifth grader Eden S.

"The invention process takes a pretty long time," said fellow student James Thone.

It was the presentation aspect of the program that challenged Pachia Y. "I learned it is not easy to present in front of a group of peers," she said.

Mackenzie W. agreed that sometimes, "It is easier to talk to people you don't know."

Having to redesign the inventions after their first attempt was another lesson for the students. "I expected my model to work the first time, but when it didn't I had to change my plans," said Ben G.

Science teacher, Sandy Spatt, was particularly pleased with the level of student research. "Students were very thorough in investigating their ideas using a variety of sources to methodically learn about their individual topics," she said.

A2 Charter School is in its second year of operation in the Sheboygan Area School District. It is an accelerated school for self-directed fourth and fifth graders and it is located at 2530 Weeden Creek Road and shares facilities with Jackson Elementary School.

Pictured here, A2 Charter School principal Lynn Walters examines some of the inventions created by students, including Luke H.'s Quit Your Crawling Christmas Tree Quencner , Alex P.'s Indestructable Mailbox , Kourtney M.'s Hair Spray Brush and Hannah S.'s Never Adjust Legwarmers.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 17, 2009