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Elementary School for Arts and Academics Second Graders Celebrate Greek Fest

Second graders at Elementary School for Arts and Academics presented monologues to their parents and colleagues as part of the school's Greek Fest.

Greek Fest was the culmination of an Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology study directed by the charter school's classroom teachers, Elizabeth Marzouki, Heather Heinen and student teacher, Tabitha Walsdorf. Students explored such questions as "Who is a hero in your life?", "How are heroes different from celebrities?" and "What is the ancient Greek influence on our society today?"

The second graders shared what they learned with parents on Friday February 13. Students learned ancient Greek dances with movement teacher, Molly Zeilke; they wrote monologues and studied Greek theatre with Drama teacher, Michael Hanlon; created Greek masks and Picasso-inspired reliefs with art teacher, Michele Konrad; and studied pentonal songs, made pan pipes and sang Homer's Odyssey in rap form with Jan Anderson. Dressed in ancient Greek tunics and chitons, students tasted Greek foods, pressed olives to make oil, danced, sang, created "mother earth" and pan pipes and shared what they learned with over 60 guests.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 18, 2009