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Multi-Ending Theatrical Production Staged by North High Drama Students

Sheboygan North High School is proud to announce the North High spring production of Murder's in the Heir. The play opens Friday, February 27, 7 p.m., North High Auditorium, 1042 School Avenue, Sheboygan. Performances are also Feb. 28, 7 p.m. and March 1, at 2 p.m.

The comedic murder-mystery is a classic "Who dunnit?" The play's twist is that the audience will help select the murderer for each of the performances, resulting in different endings, all of which had to be memorized by the actors. The cast and crew are a blend of seasoned veterans and newcomers to the North High stage.

"One of the triumphs of this production is the number of students who both auditioned and are involved in the production as actors and stage crew," said Jay Johnson, director of the production. There are 20 student actors and another 15-20 on stage crew.

The cast consists of Aristotle Leonhard (Simon Starkweather), Julia St. Pierre (Fiona Starkweather), Elijah Lewis, (Jordan Starkweather), Lauren Danen (Paula Thompson), Aristotle Leonhard (Simon Starkweather III), Corrin Menuge/Jonathan Wheeler (Bensonhurst), Sam Sheahan (Mrs. Trent), Lindsay Whelton (Minerva Walker), Lauren Ensor (Nancy Pollard), Jeremy Jochman (Rufus Jones), Tricia Lutze (Lois Van Zandt), Megan Gleason (Miss Withers), Moe Green (Kathy Collins), Kyle Whelton (Mike Davis), Stewart Leis (Gene Culpepper) and Matt Rickmeier (An Usher). Understudies are Pa Kou Vang-Minerva, William Schwaulb-Bensonhurst and Alli Jacobson-Lois.

The students also play critical roles in setting the stage and running the show. "We are very fortunate to have students like Sam Gilbertson and Brandon Bubb who have been leaders on the stage crew for several years, as well as a group of underclassmen who are excited to be involved in this creative process," said Johnson. "The production is a real collaborative effort between the stage crew and the actors."

Seniors Trica Lutze and Jeremy Jochman, familiar faces on the North High stage, both play prominent roles in the show.

"Even more than the work Tricia and Jeremy do on stage, it is their leadership off the stage that is such a great asset to the show," said Johnson.; "They both are talented actors who plan to study theatre at college, but more importantly, they are terrific young people who make those around them better."

The set design is by Pat Henderson. Deb Ericson and Karen Lutze designed costumes. Mark Ellis is the assistant stage manager and helped with stage construction.

Tickets are available 30 minutes before the start of the show and cost $6/adult, $3/student and $1/child. Activity passes and SASD courtesy cards are also good for free admission.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 24, 2009