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Donated Van Helps Teens in Need

Thanks to Sheboygan Chevrolet, the Sheboygan Area School District's Teenship program can keep running. Teenship's van fell apart and Sheboygan Chevrolet has helped by donating a van for use for the program.

Teenship is a program for middle and high school students who get individualized help. The van is used throughout the day to help students get re-integrated for a few classes throughout the day, and then return home. Many of the students may be prevented from attending school without the program.

Pictured here are Teenship staff, left to right, principal Dave Williams, Tammy Schoen, Kathy Wirtz, Ev
Schindler, Kai Mills, Brad Born of Sheboygan Chevrolet Chrysler, Erin Berlin, Kris Eggebeen, Shelly
Moenning, and Becki Van Zeeland.

"Special thanks goes to Randy Romanoski owner of Sheboygan Chevrolet. We really appreciate all he's done to help our program," said Kathye Seger, a member of the Teenship staff.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 24, 2009