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Jefferson Students Create Pioneer Village

Students in Diane Moon's fifth grade class recently worked at home with family members for assistance, to create log cabins and covered wagons as part of their study of the Westward Movement, which focuses on the American west during the mid 1800s.


"This enrichment project really brought students closer to the idea of what pioneers had to go through to achieve Manifest Destiny and settle the West," said Moon. "In our travels we discussed travel in a covered wagon and having to build a home from scratch, like a log cabin or a soddie."

Through the construction students experienced how much time and planning is required to build something on a small scale, making it understandable as to how much work the pioneers went through to do it in reality. Parents, grandparents, siblings and other family took part in the teamwork required to create these projects, just as the pioneers did back in the day.

"They could use any materials they liked. Some used plastic milk jugs for the bottom of the wagons. I had one student use pretzel rods and frosting to use as the chinking," said Moon. "I haven't done this for a few years because I like to vary my projects. This year my students did an outstanding job. It was wonderful to see all the creativity come to light."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 24, 2009