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Horace Mann Hosts Anti-Bully Rally Week

The week of February 23-27 was Anti-bullying Rally Week at Horace Mann Middle School. Students took a stand against bullying by participating in different activities throughout the week. The theme of the week was to "Stand up for yourself and others when bullying happens and remember to be cool, not cruel."

Spirit dress-up days were held to remind students to be "Cool, not Cruel." Monday was Horace Mann Spirit Day. Students dressed in blue and white which are the school colors. Tuesday was "Twin Day" to fight against bullying together.

Wednesday was "Celebrity Day" and students dressed as their favorite celebrity to celebrate that Horace Mann could be bully free. Also on Wednesday students participated in "Mix It Up at Lunch Day." Students sat at different lunch tables than they normally sat at and found out a fun fact from someone they don't usually talk to. "Be Cool, Not Cruel" bracelets were also sold during lunch periods to students.

Thursday was "Dress as Your Favorite Character Day" to show that Horace Mann has character. Friday was "Sock Day and Pink Day" where students "Socked it To Bullying" by wearing crazy socks and pink clothing along with their pink "anti-bullying shirts."

Random Acts of Kindness cards were distributed to those students who went out of their way to do something kind for someone else. Student names were entered into a drawing which took place at the Spirit Rally on Friday, February 27.

Lastly, students participated in the "Words That Hurt" poster contest. The posters were hung up around the school building community spirit and good will towards others.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 3, 2009