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Tracy Cline Memorial Fund Benefits Washington ELL Students

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary that Tracy Cline, a former teacher at Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy, was killed in a tragic car accident. Cline, who was born in Sheboygan, had taught at Washington for 10 years. She taught fourth- and fifth-grade ELL students there, according to her mother, Beverly Cline, and really loved teaching and helping children.

Nicole Hermann, 4th grade teacher at Washington, stated, "After losing Tracy, a friend and colleague, in a tragic car accident last March, a memorial account was set up in her name at Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy. She worked with fourth and fifth grade ELL students, so the account is set up to sponsor these children in extra-curricular activities such as swimming lessons, sports, music, camps, etc."

To date, 17 children have taken swimming lessons, 3 will be starting golf lessons this summer, and another child will be taking guitar lessons. Through these sponsorships, many children will be able to experience opportunities that they might not otherwise have been able to enjoy.

Colleagues shared these thoughts, "While here, Tracy touched many students and families. She played tennis and constantly exercised to keep in shape; she was busy all the time. Her enthusiasm for good health, and living an active lifestyle will be shared with many other students in the future through her memorial."

Joe Sheehan, Sheboygan Area School District superintendent said Cline had a positive outlook on her teaching, which carried into the classroom. He added, "You'd just smile when you saw her, and she just glowed.... You could feel it, and there are people who are like that and the kids just loved it,"

The following quote describes the impact Cline had, and what this memorial will continue to have, on future students. We exist temporarily through what we gather, but we live forever through what we give. -Author unknown

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 3, 2009