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Washington Third Grader to Have Poem Published

Danielle G., a third grader at Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy , won the right to be published as part of's "Creative Communication, A Celebration of Today's Writers"

Her teacher, Amy Luedtke, entered the poem Dream Images. It will be published in the anthology "A Celebration of Poets."

To quote the letter Luedtke received, "The teachers and students of your school should feel honored as thousands of entries were not invited to be published. Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work and dedication from teachers and students."

The poem is below:

Dream Images
Horse you glide like a streak through the cold drizzling river.
When I come next to the river shore,
Your mane is wild with energy of its own.
I wish I could ride you soaring through the meadow wind
But I not dare for I shall scare your happiness near this riverbed
I will come back to ride you,
But for now I will give you a nice pat.
I have to go back to the busy city.
I will miss you!
The city is no place for such a beauty like you.
Please remember me horse.
The countryside is your home.

Danielle G. - 3rd grade
Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 20, 2009