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Urban Students Complete Mini-Relay For Life

On Wednesday, May 20th and Wednesday, May 27th Urban Middle School physical education students participated in a mini-relay for life to benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Each student was given a pledge sheet to collect money for the ACS. On the day of the event students turned in any donations they collected. During the mini-relay for life, students were grouped into teams of four. Each team had a jump rope that they all had to hold on to for the entire relay. There were eight cones set up on the track and football field and each cone had a question the group had to answer.

Sample questions included:
  • The estimated annual cost of cancer to the U.S. is: a. $1 million, b. $500 million, c. $1 billion, d. $110 billion (Correct answer - d).
  • True or False: Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. (Correct answer - true).
  • True or false: A third of cancers could be cured if detected early (Correct answer - true).

After the team answered each question they had to come back to the starting line to show us the teachers their answers. If the answer was incorrect, 10 seconds was added to the team's time. The team then would go to another cone and do the same thing. When each team completed all eight questions they were given their total time for the relay. All teams received a "relay for life" pencil. The team that completed the course the fastest also received Gatorades.

When asked about this event, Patty Winkler, Urban Physical Education/Health Teacher, commented, "Urban Middle School raised $3,737.80 for the American Cancer Society. I was really impressed with so many students who made the effort to collect donations for such a good cause."

Josh Virant, Urban Physical Education /Health Teacher, added, "The students did a tremendous job with the relay for life event…it was nice to see the Urban Middle School community take pride in raising money for such a great cause."

And, Mary S., the 8th grade student who collected the most donations, said, "My Aunt Chris motivated me because she has brain cancer."

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 28, 2009