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North Student Earns Championship at FBLA National Leadership Conference

Matthew Griffith was named a national champion at the FBLA (Future business Leaders of America) National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, Calif., in June.

Griffith was a member of the Sheboygan North High School team consisting of Kevin Chen, Sam Gilbertson, Alex Liebi and Amanda J. Senkbeil. Griffith will be a senior next year at North. He competed in the Internet Application Programming event, placing first in the nation. He had placed first at the Wisconsin State Leader Conference.

Before the conference started, the event required Griffith to write a computer program simulating a RSVP internet application for a fictitious company's (Widgets Inc.) annual dinner party. The program was required to produce useable results for both the company and the party invitees.

Griffith advanced from the preliminary round, one of only 10 to advance to finals. He presented his program to a panel of four judges in a seven-minute time frame while an additional three minutes were given for the judges to ask questions.

Chen, who will be a junior at North High this year, advanced from the FBLA state leadership conference in Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure. In Anaheim, he took a test consisting of 100 questions covering a wide area of rules running a meeting and FBLA bylaws.

North's FBLA president Sam Gilbertson competed in the Client Services event. Gilbertson's, first-round role was dealing with a retailer having difficulties with layaway product sales and how much to collect as a down payment. He senior this past year at North.

Liebl and Senkbeil, recent graduating seniors at North High, competed in Management Decision Making. They answered an objective test that contained 100 questions on a wide area of subject matter including: management, accounting, marketing, law, and ethics.

While competing with the best from more than 40 states and Canada, North FBLA members attended workshops, leadership labs, voted for the 2009-10 leadership for national officer positions and networked with other FBLA students from across the country. Each North member was either first or second at the FBLA State Leadership Conference in May.

Advisers for FBLA at North High School are Linda Bolgert and Tom Gross.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
July 12, 2009