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Wilson School PTA Fundraiser Earns Equipment for Teachers

Thanks to a Wilson Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) fundraiser of selling Faye's take-and-bake pizzas, approximately $1,400 was raised to provide new visual presentation equipment for the school.

"We chose the Faye's Pizza Fundraiser so that we could support a local business while raising money for our school. The Wilson School PTA is continually working to help improve our school for both the teachers and the students so we are so glad when projects such as the Faye's Pizza Fundraiser have such a positive outcome," said Heather Wiroll, Wilson PTA president.

In addition to the money raised, the PTA contributed the remaining funds necessary to purchase two Elmo units to be utilized in the classrooms. These pieces of equipment are document cameras and visual presenters that benefit students by enabling instructors to incorporate stimulating high-resolution visuals into their lesson plans. The full-featured teaching tool offers a level of interactivity and spontaneity that surpasses transparencies or one-dimensional, pre-planned laptop and desktop computer lessons.

"The staff at Wilson is very excited that the PTA will be purchasing more Elmos and LCD projectors for our classrooms. This technology projects any document, from pages in books to math manipulatives, so all students can easily see while the teacher gives instruction. Laptops may also be connected to the unit to enhance lessons as well," said Lisa Pelland, third grade teacher at Wilson.

Ultimately, with the use of the Elmo unit, lessons become more interactive and students seem more engaged.

"It is our policy to not have children go door-to-door selling, instead, families of students have stepped up and made a difference," said Thomas Binder, Wilson principal. By selling the take-and-bake pizzas to families, this fundraiser demonstrates how supportive Wilson families and friends are of the school.

"The PTA and Wilson families have always been supportive of our efforts to improve our school. When the Elmos and LCD projectors were requested, the PTA was eager to find ways to get this fantastic technology into their children's classrooms," Pelland said.

The document cameras have arrived and are already being used by kindergartners and first graders at Wilson.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
December 30, 2009