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Jackson Third Graders Raise Over $300 for Haiti

After reflecting on the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Jackson Elementary School's 3rd graders decided they wanted to make a difference for the people of Haiti. Third grade teacher, Brenda Boehlke, had a vision for her class and asked the other third grade teachers, Kristine Smith and Lori Sucha, and their students to join her class in this venture.

Boehlke taught her students about allowance. During the lesson, the students were asked to consider how much money they needed per week and how much more they earned. The "difference" was the contribution the students made to the American Red Cross. The students learned how they could make a difference with their difference.

Students who did not receive an allowance at home were encouraged to do special tasks at school. These students were rewarded for their efforts when staff members reimbursed them, so that these students could donate to this special and much needed cause. Some students chose to shelve books in the library, others helped Lynn Walters, Jackson principal with filing, hanging up posters, running errands, etc. Those students were grateful for the opportunity to be able to donate their earned money, too.

The total amount of money raised by the Jackson third graders, with a little help from some staff members, turned out to be $324.50.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
January 27, 2010