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Wilson Kindergartners Celebrate Olympics

Jodi Lutzke's Wilson Elementary School kindergartners students recently celebrated the 2010 Winter Olympics with a new twist. For the opening ceremony, the students listened to "Olympic Fanfare" as they waved American flags and moved around the room with their red, white and blue ribbons.

Following the opening ceremony, the student athletes, dressed in boots and snowsuits, went outside to begin the sporting events. The first event was the biathlon. Instead of skiing and shooting rifles at targets, the students ran a zigzag course through the trees on the playground and then threw tennis balls at the targets, earning from 25 to 100 points for a hit. Occupational therapist, Joan Quinn, encouraged each student to run his/her fastest and throw his/her best to help build up strength, endurance, and physical fitness.

The second event was the four-man bobsled race. Students affectionately renamed their sleds calling them Bob 1, Bob 2, and Bob 3. During the event, one student rode the sled and was dragged and pushed by three others. After arriving at the first set of markers, a new student jumped on the sled and the remaining team members pulled them back over the finish line. Each student had a chance to ride the sled.

When the students came back to the classroom, Lutzke read the books, "Tacky the Penguin Goes To the Olympics" and "Koala Lou." Both books are about animals that encourage each other to do their best even if you don't win and work cooperatively.

During the awards ceremony all the children received gold medals on red, white, and blue ribbons to hang around their neck.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 9, 2010