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Ronald McDonald Visits Longfellow

Ronald McDonald recently visited Longfellow Elementary School with his show "It's Book Time with Ronald McDonald." The show is designed to inspire elementary school children to read for fun, and to respect and value books. McDonald engaged children with a creative mix of music, magic, student-teacher interaction and games to teach them a great concept - book time - which is the time we set aside to read.

To show how a reader can really get involved in a book, one activity involved everyone becoming part of a story about a storm. Some students were rain, some were wind, teachers were thunder, and one teacher was chosen to be lightning. The students and staff had to listen closely to the story to know when to make their sounds, making the story come alive.

First grade teacher Diana Korkko said, "It was a great program and it kept the students interested with a good message too! Thumbs up!"

Ronald McDonald brought his show "It's Book Time with Ronald McDonald" to the students at Longfellow Elementary School, Sheboygan.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 22, 2010