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Lake Country Academy Girl Scout Troop Reaches Out

As a service outreach, the Lake Country Academy (LCA) fourth grade Girl Scout Troop and their moms recently prepared, served, set tables, and cleaned at the Salvation Army on 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue in Sheboygan.

The troop prepared an Italian lettuce salad, tacos, and desert. The troop served about 175 people. Some of the girls said that although it was hard work serving others because they can be demanding, they felt good in their hearts that they helped some people with their only warm meal of the day. Some of the students indicated that the hardest of the experience for them was to see the many children who are in this situation.

The troop received many nice compliments from the patrons. Others who were served said this was the best meal they ever had and that the girls were very courteous and quick to see that everyone was served. The leaders for the troop are Jeanine Claypool and Teresa Bell.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 1, 2010