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James Madison 4th Graders Participate in Junior Achievement Class

During one of the Junior Achievement classes that were taught at James Madison Elementary School, 4th graders in Phyllis Becker's class learned about United States regions and resources. The Junior Achievement program, which was called "Regional Resources," was divided into five different lessons:

  • What are regions and resources?
  • What's Your Business?
  • The Five Steps to Making Business Decisions
  • Natural, Human, and Capital Resources
  • Resources on the move

The 5-hour long lessons are usually done in one week, or over a two-week time period, whatever works for classroom teacher and Junior Achievement volunteer.

Junior Achievement teacher Debby Thorn, who is a Kohler Company employee,
is showing students how resources get to businesses in our cities.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 11, 2010