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Jackson Holds Annual Science Fair

Jackson Elementary School 5th grade students participated in the schools' annual Science Fair. The Science Fair was held on Tuesday, March 23, for parents and community, and Wednesday, March 24, for the Jackson and A2 Charter School students.

Patti Holmes and Joy Perna, Jackson 5th grade teachers, believe that the school's annual science fair is a natural extension of the 5th grade science curriculum. Prior to the science fair, Perna and her student teacher, Kelly Ochalek, made sure that the students understood how to use the scientific method to set up their experiments, to write and test their hypothesis, to collect and analyze data, and to draw conclusions based upon their observations and data analysis.

Students considered variables, sample size, and controls when setting up their different experiments/science projects. Many of the parents were involved in their child's science project because the experiments were conducted at home. Some of the science projects displayed at this year's science fair included Windmill Power, M & M Survival Challenge, Creating Laser Spiro graphs, Plant Survival, Acid Rain, and Chemical Mixtures (I.e. mentos + soda).

One of the students commented, "Even though some of our hypotheses were not all correct, we learned a lot!"

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 13, 2010