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North Students Advance to State History Day Competition

Sheboygan North High School students recently competed in the Northeast Region National History Day Competition. Nine of the thirty-three students who competed will advance to the state competition that will be held in Madison on Saturday, May 1st.

The state qualifiers include:

  • Kate Wintheiser - Individual Exhibit "Innovation in History: The Hubble Telescope"
  • Chris Kiehl - Historical Paper "The Telescope: Bringing the Stars into Focus"
  • Aaron Peterson - Historical Paper "Saving Lives and Brewing Trouble at the Los Alamos: The Atomic Bomb"
  • Kaley Meicher - Historical Paper "Clara Barton: Saving a Nation"
  • Lauren Ensor - Individual Performance "Opera: Releasing Passion and Humanity One Note at a Time"
  • Chamila Amithirigala and Kelsey Obremski - Group Documentary "H.H. Bennett: Exposing a Photographic Frontier"
  • Paige Balma and Megan Zielke - Group Exhibit - "McDonalds: Changing Lives"

National History Day is an exciting academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. History Day was created by the history faculty at Case Western Reserve University in 1974, and has grown into a national program with more than 700,000 students participating annually. The goal of History Day is to promote the study of history in schools by offering a creative forum in which students can express their scholarship.

The History Day program empowers students with research skills, critical thinking skills, and outlets for creative expression, which will enhance their academic abilities in all areas of study. Working individually or with a partner, students create original research papers, museum-style exhibit displays, documentaries or dramatic performances related to the annual theme. The theme for 2009-2010 is "Innovation in History: Impact and Change".

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
April 27, 2010