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Washington School Featured on Reading Recovery Website

Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy is featured in a Reading Recovery publication that just came out this week. Washington was part of a research study that determined how Reading Recovery fits within the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. The brochure lists Washington School as part of the study and has a link to follow for more information on how Washington staff members work as a team to meet the needs of its students. The public can view the link at

Some of the highlights of the web site include:

Reading Recovery: An Ideal Fit Within an RTI Framework at Washington School for Comprehensive Literacy in Wisconsin

Systemic and comprehensive RTI plan components: The school works in partnership with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on its comprehensive literacy plan. Tier 1 includes classroom interventions delivered by classroom teachers. Tier 2 is delivered by Reading Recovery teachers, literacy coaches, and ELL teachers and includes a variety of interventions. Tier 3 includes Reading Recovery and other one-to-one interventions delivered by Reading Recovery teachers and literacy coaches. Tier 4 is special education. Reading Recovery is an established intervention for Grade 1.

Classroom teachers use a workshop format. Time is allocated for whole group shared reading and writing instruction as well as for working with small groups and individuals. Tier 1 intervention is provided to the lowest-performing children in small groups while others are working independently during reading workshop. Reading Recovery's one-to-one instruction promotes responsive and differentiated teaching to meet individual needs.

Collaboration among stakeholders: The RTI team includes the principal, classroom teachers, literacy coaches, reading specialist, Reading Recovery teachers, intervention teachers, ELL teachers, speech and language teachers, and special education teachers.

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April 27, 2010