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Jackson First Graders "Ask the Bears"

Every year, Karen Karste's Jackson Elementary School first grade class holds a combined Mother's Day & Father's Day program that includes plays, poems, and songs.

One of the plays is based on Marjorie Flack's book Ask Mr. Bear. In this book, a boy is looking for the perfect birthday present for his mother. Karste rewrote this book into a play for her students for Mother's Day/Father's Day and named it "Ask the Bears".

In the play, "Ask the Bears", William is looking for the perfect Mother's Day present to give his mother. He gets ideas from several farm animals but realizes that his mother already has everything they suggest. He finally gets good advice from the bears. Based upon the Bears' advice, William's Mother's Day gift is a big bear hug.

The students also presented "Scared Little Rabbit", also authored by Karste. The message of that play, which is a rewrite of the story "Henny Penny", is that Moms and Dads are always there to help us.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 18, 2010