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A2 Students Complete Math Olympiad
A2 students competed in the
Math Olympiad competition as
part of the accelerated, independent
instruction at the charter school.
Students celebrate by showing
the ribbons and medals that they
received in recognition of their

From October through March, the fourth and fifth grade students of the A2 Charter School had the opportunity to participate in the Math Olympiad competition. The Math Olympiad competition requires students to solve complex math problems that involve spatial thinking, logic, multiple-step solutions, advanced computation, geometry, and pre-algebra.

During the six-month long competition, students complete 25 math problems and earn 1 point for each problem they correctly solved. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded based upon the total number of problems that are solved correctly. Gold medalists have to solve 20-25 problems; silver medalists 15-19 and bronze medalists 10-14.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
May 3, 2011