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Cooper Students Use Free Time to Create ‘Information Zoo’
Several students in Mrs. Kelly Brotz's second grade class at Cooper Elementary School used their morning break time to construct animals out of unifix cubes and conduct research about the animals.  The children came up with the idea on their own and worked independently for several weeks on their "Information Zoo" using their own free choice time.  Their constructions were very creative and unique and included a green wing macaw, a ball python, narwhal whale, a pair of sea turtle, snails, a cheetah, a trio of red eyed tree frogs and many more. In total 42 animals were created and a research card placed near many of them.  Upon the return after winter break, the animals were disassembled and discussion began on what the next project would be.  A news station?  An ice cream shop?  Who knows where this group of very creative children will take it.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
January 25, 2013