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SASD Celebrates National Digitial Learning Day
logo In celebration of Digital Learning Day on February 6, parents and community members were invited to visit Sheboygan Area School District schools to see how teachers are utilizing technology to increase student achievement. Digital Learning Day is a national celebration and Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers proclaimed February 6 as Digital Learning Day.

This is the second year that Sheboygan Area School District has recognized the Digital Learning Day event. Last year, teachers submitted class projects and lessons utilizing technology which were posted on the district’s website. Take a look at what our teachers were working on last year.

Coordinator of Instructional Technology Judy Kapellen said, “the Sheboygan Area School District joins our nation’s schools in celebrating the use of technology in education to engage every learner, empower teachers, and create a personalized learning environment every day for every student.”

Classrooms across the district utilized iPads, iPods, SmartBoards, computers, heart monitors, and other digital technology to engage students in learning.

Jenny Engles' second grade class at James Madison created a poster for Digital Learning Day sharing how technology helps them learn: Students said: "iPods help us read," "It helps me to communicate." "The iPod helps me do math facts faster," "I use the iPod Touch to do word work," and "I listen to reading so I could get good at it".

This is the third year that 3rd grade teachers are using classroom sets of iPods to improve students' reading and fluency skills. We call it the iRead Program. Students work in groups to read selections of text, then play it back to hear themselves. Students can then re-read the selection, correcting their prior mistakes, and improving their reading fluency. Teachers also utilizing the iPods for help in other subjects, using a variety of different applications.

Sixth grade teachers have been training on the use of iPads in the classroom and sixth grade student iPads were distributed in late Jan. Teachers are using apps on the iPad for teaching and learning, Edmodo for electronic communication with students and creating using iBooks Author to create e-books for the subject areas.

Infusing the use of digital technology will help SASD students improve academic achievement and prepare them for real world experiences in the 21st century. Digital technology offers the opportunity for more personalized learning to meet the varied needs of all our learners.

If you would like schedule a visit to our schools, please call 459-6767. We welcome parents and community members into our classrooms!

Here is an overview of the SASD Digital Transformation plan.

Poster created by James Madison Second Grade Students
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 15, 2013