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Cleveland and Montessori Schools Celebrate Positive Behavior
During the first week of school, the Cleveland and Montessori staff held a kick-off for the Positive Behavior Program (PBIS) and reviewed behavior expectations at school. Students also attended a special assembly program to talk about bus expectations. The students really enjoyed watching the video of last year’s 3rd grade class showing them what is expected on the bus.  Then each student received a sports water bottle with our three school expectations:
•    Be Safe
•    Be Respectful
•    Be Responsible

A big part of the PBIS program is to reward students for positive behavior. One incentive for students is a weekly “PAWS” drawing. Every week, 2 PAWS (Positive Attitudes Will Succeed) slips are chosen from each classroom. Those students can pick a prize off of the prize cart from items such as small toys, snacks or a coupon to a local business. This year, new rewards were added, like wearing a hat for a day, iPad use at recess time, recess fun with a staff member, principal chair for the day and many others.

The whole school can earn a reward, too. The school set a goal of earning 3,000 PAWS slips during the first month of school. When the goal was met, the school celebrated with the popular science program, Elementastic. The kids were mesmerized and interested in all of the fun learning experiments.

There are also incentives for the whole class to earn rewards for positive behavior. Power Paws are a very popular incentive that is given to an entire class "caught" following the expectations. Mrs. Kathy Stolzmann, the school secretary, plays the song "I Got the Power" loudly down the hall until she arrives at the classroom that is receiving the reward (There has even been some dancing involved.)  Once a classroom receives 3 Power Paws, they all get a special treat. But, it’s likely that the recognition, music and dancing are enjoyed the most!

Cleveland and New Montessori students, staff and families are very excited about the PBIS program again this year.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 5, 2012