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Geocaching Combines Learning and Exercise for Students
There’s treasure in Sheboygan County, and the 4th and 5th graders at Pigeon River and Cleveland Elementary Schools are hot on its trail, thanks to the relatively new sport of Geocaching.

As part of a new physical education unit, teacher Barb McKichan uses the Sheboygan Area School District’s 30 Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to teach students how to use a compass and work as a team in order to find “caches” hidden across school grounds.

The caches are disguised with camouflage duct tape.  The coordinates of each cache are entered into a GPS, and one GPS is handed out to each pair of students. The teams must then follow the GPS directions with the aid of a compass to find their cache.

The best part about Geocaching is that it’s not just for students. The sport’s popularity as a lifelong activity has been on the rise, and currently there are over 100 real Geocaches hidden throughout Sheboygan County. To get involved, register at and begin your very own treasure hunt.

At Cleveland Elementary School, Sydney Vogel and Joshua Van Sluys prepare to follow the direction of the GPS to find the cache.

Bryce Meyer and Dawson Selvoski, students at Pigeon River Elementary School, search for a cache.

At Pigeon River Elementary School, (from left) Julia Wiggin, Isabella Horzen. Sydney Barrington, Marlee Hinz, James Siburt, and Wyatt Schlafke prepare to go geocaching in gym class with teacher Barb McKichan (center).
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
October 23, 2012