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Jackson Elementary Principal Shows School Spirit on Duct Tape Day
Instead of being all decked out, Jackson School Principal Mrs. Lynn Walters was all ducted up! Student Council sponsored Jackson and A2's first ever Duct Tape Spirit Day!  Two days before the event, one of her secretaries had a brilliant idea.  Mrs. Walters, being the good sport she is, agreed to the activity that would wow the students and staff!  Students participated by bringing in their "leftover" duct tape to help complete the project.

Mrs. Connie Resch, a 4th grade teacher at Jackson, helped to execute the event.  Once Mrs. Walters was hanging by tape only - yes the chair was removed, Mrs. Resch took a vote by hand as to how long Mrs. Walters should hang on the wall.  We won't reveal the final count, but it would have been a long weekend!
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 26, 2012