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Jefferson Elementary Improving Positive Behavior Framework
Jefferson Elementary School is in the third year of implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework.  As a new component to add to the PBIS framework for this school year (2011-2012) is having every classroom teacher create a classroom matrix.  The classroom matrix and the school wide matrix help create a safe, respectful and responsible learning environment.
There are five critical elements in creating an evidence-based classroom management system. The teachers at Jefferson have learned the importance of each of the critical features and have applied these skills into his/her classrooms. Here are the following elements that are important to classroom management:
Maximize structure in your classroom- This is a way a teacher can design an environment that are safe and predictable routines.
Post, Teach, Review, Monitor and Reinforce Expectations – These expectations are telling students what we want them to do rather than telling them what we don’t want them to do. These expectations also match up with Jefferson’s school-wide expectations – safe, respectful and responsible.
Actively engage students in observable ways - This is a way a teacher can provide numerous opportunities to respond. This allows students to become a more active participant in the learning process.
Establish a continuum of strategies to acknowledge appropriate behavior – Teachers offer praise by using specific verbal and token praise, which is a PAW print.  Each classroom has a PAW goal. When the classroom goal is reached, the classroom as a whole celebrates their positive behavior.
Establish a continuum of strategies to respond to inappropriate behavior – This is when a teacher re-teaches the expectations, models and reinforces when the student is exhibiting the correct behavior.
After putting this component into place, the Jefferson staff has seen a difference in students’ behavior.  As the school year progresses, the PBIS Tier 1 Team will be monitoring the progress of behaviors in the classroom.  This will allow the Jefferson staff to help the students to be not only behaviorally successful but also successful academically.
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November 29, 2011