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Handmade Hats Warm Wilson Kindergarteners’ Hearts and Heads
Kerri Olsen, kindergarten English language learner (ELL) teacher at Wilson Elementary School not only has a warm spot in her heart for her students but also helps keep them warm during winter weather by hand crafting hats for each one.  Ms. Olsen measures, cuts, sews, and hand ties the tassels on each hat, making what she calls boy hats and girl hats.  Amid squeals of excitement when the children open the wrapping and discover their special hat, you can hear comments like, "how did you know this would match my coat?  How did you know my favorite color is pink, that I like basketball, soccer, etc."  The children have a glow of happiness on their faces as they proudly wear their hats during recess.  An indication of how much the children love their one of a kind hats is when you see former students in upper grades still wearing their hats the following years.

(photos posted with parent permission)
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
February 1, 2012