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Horace Mann Students Learn Using Egg Drop Project
Horace Mann Team 6-2 students applied their science, math, and language arts skills in an egg drop activity. They worked with a partner and were given the task of building a capsule that would protect a raw egg when dropped from the top of the auditorium roof. Supplies were limited to 15 Popsicle sticks, 15 straws, four pipe cleaners, four cotton balls or tissues or any combination of four, one meter of tape, glue, and rubber cement. Each team was allowed one trial drop from the second to the first floor. Modifications could then be made before the big drop. Three eggs survived the fall. Students then wrote a story from the point of view of the egg.

Students really enjoyed this engaging activity that allowed them to apply their skills in a problem solving setting.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
November 29, 2011