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Sheboygan Area School District Launches School Breakfast, Improved School Lunches
photoThe Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) is offering students more options for fresh, healthy meals at school. The Nutrition Services Department has expanded breakfast programs at schools and is making improvements to the lunch offerings.

School breakfast programs have made the switch to an easy grab and go option, like cereal, breakfast breads, and fresh fruit. These breakfast items are convenient for students to eat before school or if they are not hungry, students can save some of the items for snacks later in the day. All breakfast menu items are whole grain and reduced sugar cereal selections are chosen when available.
Offering breakfast at our schools supports the health and academic potential of children, particularly low-income children. Adequate nutrition and freedom from hunger are absolutely essential for good health and academic success.

Sheridan Elementary School has recently introduced breakfast in the classroom, where students enter their classrooms 10-15 minutes before the school day begins to enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast to jumpstart their day.

Central High School, IDEAS Academy and The Mosaic School have also just introduced the breakfast program for their students. The grab and go option is particularly popular with middle and high school students.

The lunch menus have been improved to feature healthy options and also offer Harvest of the Month taste-testing each month. Twice per month, students have an opportunity to sample fresh fruits and vegetables that are sourced from local farms. This program is a great way to introduce students to new, healthy foods.

SASD lunch staff also conducted taste-testing of numerous new food items for next year’s meal menus.

Elementary schools are transitioning to salad bars where students can choose their own fruits and vegetables. This has been very well-received at the schools where students enjoy the freedom to make healthy choices.  The School Nutrition Department is transitioning to on-site cooking at all the elementary schools which will eventually eliminate the hot and cold pack. The product is crispier, fresher and a better quality item to serve to the students.

The SASD is continuing to expand the breakfast program throughout the school district and will also continue installation of salad bars and other school lunch room improvements. The breakfast and lunch menus can be viewed from the Sheboygan Area School District website homepage, by clicking on the ‘School Nutrition Menus’ button. Parents can also review informational flyers about the Harvest of the Month tasting items.
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
March 19, 2014