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Horace Mann 8th Grade Students Make a Difference in their Community
As a final project at Horace Mann Middle School, eighth grade students were given the assignment to make a difference in their community. The inquiry project required students to research a need in the community, determine how they could help and document the steps they took in contributing to the cause. Students have been working individually or in groups since February on this service learning project.
The last week of school, students gathered in the auditorium to share their experiences with each other. Each student or group of students shared photos, videos or stories about their efforts to make a difference in the lives of others. Students picked up over 50 bags of garbage from city parks, beaches and neighborhoods, performed random acts of kindness, and collected over 88 boxes full of items to donate to a variety of charities and organizations. Two students performed a concert to benefit the MACC Fund, two others cut off 8 inches of hair to donate to Children with Hair Loss, and others wrote letter and made care packages for soldiers and Children’s Hospital patients. There were countless other projects and donations made to a wide range of community organizations.
In total, students raised $1,071 and spent over 285 volunteer hours, including more than 82 hours helping Horace Mann students and staff.
“The 8th grade students are to be role models for the younger students. With this project, the students embraced this role, going above and beyond our expectations to fill this role and "make a difference." We are extremely proud of their contributions and, after watching their presentations, I am very proud of the collective positive impact they made in our community,” said Horace Mann Principal Vicki Ritchie.
The student projects were lead and supported by Horace Mann teachers Amy Renzelmann and Jane Doll.

Two Horace Mann students hold a sign for the ‘Change 4 Change’ project team, who held a Penny War and then purchased items for the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter.
Four Horace Mann students present their project called ‘Give a Smile’ where they each volunteered7 hours in a special education classroom, bringing smiles to the students.

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June 24, 2014