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SASD Employees Take "Power of Ten" Wellness Challenge
Congratulations to all Sheboygan Area School District employees who participated in the annual 'Power of TEN' personal wellness challenge! 153 employees/spouses signed up for this year’s challenge and 129 people made it to the end and lost a total of 756.1 pounds over the course of 18 weeks. 

Participants met weekly challenges, including 2 ½ hours of exercise and weight training.

For each week employees did not meet their goal, they were asked to donated a canned good. In total, over 20 bags of canned goods were donated to the Salvation Army Food Pantry.

Cooper Elementary School earned the "Biggest Loser" traveling trophy by having with the highest percentage of weight loss at 7.2%.

Pictured are the employees on the Cooper team who weighed in as part of the 'Power of Ten' wellness challenge
(from left) Kelly Brotz, Lauren Mongin, Kim Schlieder, Bea Van Geffen, and Deb Fenton. (Not pictured is Sondra Grady).
Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 25, 2014