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Clarification on State Aid for the SASD

The State of Wisconsin recently released estimates of state aid to school districts for the 2011-12 school year.

While the state aid to the Sheboygan Area School District is projected to increase, it doesn’t mean that the district will have any more money to spend. It just means a shift in where the funding will come from – either state or local taxpayers.

The Sheboygan Area School District builds its budget based on the state revenue limit. The revenue limit is set by a state allocation of funding per full-time student. The number of full-time students for which the district receives funding is determined by the student count on the third Friday in September.

Funding for the Sheboygan Area School District is made up of revenue from the state and local taxpayers. If the district receives more state aid, the revenue limit does not increase. Instead, the amount of the revenue limit not covered by the state aid is covered by local taxpayers (tax levy).

The estimates are very fluid and the actual school district aid numbers won’t be released until October. These preliminary estimates are rarely the same numbers the district will see when the final numbers are released.

Based on our projected student enrollment for fall 2012, the $13.6 million budget reductions made over the last year will balance our 2011-2012 budget.

For more information, please contact the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operational Services, Gretchen Thomes at 459-3523 or

posted July 13, 2011