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Charter Schools

  • Eliminate the enrollment caps for the virtual charter school program.
  • Eliminate the geographic limitation on creating independent charter schools and expand chartering entities to include any University of Wisconsin four-year campus.
  • Replace the mandate that independent charter school teachers be licensed by the Department of Public Instruction with the requirement that they have at least a bachelor’s degree. This change will align teacher requirements for independent charter schools with the existing requirement for choice schools.

Open Enrollment

Extend the open enrollment application period from three weeks in February under current law to the first Monday in February through the last weekday in April. The open enrollment program allows parents to enroll their children in other school districts on a space available basis, including virtual charter schools.

Student Information System

Provide $15 million to the Department of Public Instruction over the biennium to create a student information system that will provide longitudinal data to state policymakers, school districts, parents and citizens on the performance of the state’s public education system and its students.

Third Grade Reading Test

Provide $600,000 to the Department of Administration in each fiscal year for developing and implementing the recommendations of the task force appointed by Governor Walker related to a third grade reading test.