Requesting Your High School Transcript



  • A "Release of Confidential Records" is the first step toward obtaining your transcript.
    • students under the age of 18 require parent signature in order to release a transcript.
    • students 18 years of age and older must sign in order to release a transcript.
  • All "manually prepared" transcripts sent out while you are in high school are free of

charge. This contines until Sept. 1st after graduation; but remember it's SNAIL MAIL.

  • ACT and/or SAT scores being sent with your transcript is becoming less popular and

less necessary as the majority of colleges and universities now require them directly from

the test company. Use and


Faster than snail mail and next to no delay, but it does cost you.

Additional Info about "DOCUFIDE"


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                                    *JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES & FRESHMEN

Transcripts for students other than Seniors are handled in the General Office; visit or call 459-3600.

ALUMNIClick for more info regarding obtaining the transcript of a graduate.