Registration Information



* "Registration" for returning students, and the vast majority of incoming freshmen, occurs early in the month of August. Specific dates and times are set aside for students to prepare for the coming school year and is initiated by an earlier mailing from the General Office. 

August Registration Dates for the 2014/2015 School Year:

August 5th from 2-6

August 6th from 9-3

August 7th from 10-2

August 11th from 11-5


* New students/families are to call the Counseling Center Secretary at  920-459-3558.

This is your primary contact:

Visiting room 104, the Counseling Center, also works.

Counseling Center Fax Number:          920-803-7619


Students/Families interested in attending a school within the SASD not considered their

"home school" need to complete the following form: