1--Local Scholarships                    


The Application for current seniors is updated and available in late January

Seniors are invited to a meeting the last Wednesday in January after school to receive a hard copy application and information regarding Local Scholarships.  At this time the above "APPLICATION" link will be ready to use.  Applications must be returned to the Counseling Center by 4:00pm the last Wednesday in February. Check announcements for the exact dates. 

Students need to declare what college or university they will be attending, as some scholarships are school specific. Students have until May 1st to notify the scholarship coordinator of their decision to change schools. Keep in mind that local scholarships are given for both technical and four-year colleges.  

Do not miss this opportunity!

2--Miscellaneous Scholarships  

Often churches, insurance companies, places of work, stores, banks, national organizations, etc. give scholarships. Be sure to check these sources for possible money. The Counseling Center will post miscellaneous scholarships that have been sent to the school on an ongoing basis . It is advisable to periodically check this web site or stop by the Counseling Center to check the current hard copy listing.        

Students are responsible for mailing out their own scholarship applications. Be sure to allow enough time to request and obtain a transcript, counselor signature, recommendations and other requested information in order to meet postmark deadlines.

3--School Scholarships                 

Colleges, universities and technical colleges often have specific scholarships that students can apply for once they have been accepted. These scholarships are often based on class rank, grade point average, ACT scores or special talents. The college will many times send the scholarship applications. Still, it is to your benefit to check directly with their financial assistance office.

4--SPEF Scholarships (Sheboygan Public Education Foundation) 

5-- Internet Scholarship Search            

  • www.fastweb.com                      search over 600,000 scholarships + 4,000 colleges free
  • www.studentaid.ed.gov          info. on choosing a career, school and  resources to pay for higher education
  • www.schoolsoup.com             has a large scholarship database & info. on thousands of school scholarships