grade 10 information

   Following are the items that NHS School Counselors shared

   with sophomore students during their English class periods

   on either Monday, November 18th or Tuesday, November 19th.


    1 -Personal/Social Counseling

             a) . Help at North High


             b) Concerns Check List, handout/activity


    2 - Academic Counseling

             a) Four Year Planning & Course Selection need your

  attention through Career Cruising Portfolio & Course Planner.


             b) . Testing for the 4 yr. College Bound Sophomore .....

  The PLAN test will be given at North on Thursday, December 5th

  beginning at 7:55 a.m. in the Commons. $12.95 needs to be paid to

  the Financial Office with the receipt being brought to the Counseling

  Center for actual sign up. Do this by 12/2 to ensure yourself a spot.


    3 - Career Counseling 

             a) Update your Career Cluster Chooice and Portfolio

*GRADE 9:  Reconsider and do additional work with your “Assessments”;
“Matchmaker”,“My Skills” & “Learning Styles”. Select “Career Preparation”
and complete “Activities & Abilities”, “Work” & “Volunteer Experiences”

*GRADE 10:    Select “Careers” and do “Career Selector” & “16 Clusters” .....
“by School Subject”, “Index”, “Cluster” & “Military Careers” are also available.
Select “Schools” and explore the options. “School Selector” is a good tool. Open
the “Resume Builder” and become familiar with your “RESUME”.


             b) Job Shadowing, what is it? why do it? how to do it?


             c) Career Connections is a field trip for all 10th graders.

   More details can be found within this Parent/Guardian letter.                                 

   To register for the event, all sophomores must complete this survey.


  A Field Trip Form must be completed for students to participate.

   This was completed by most parents during registration.

   Don't worry about it! If a form is needed, you will be contacted.

   An additional Career Interest Inventory linked here is a tool that

   may assist students to connect their interests to respective Career Clusters.

   This link is a pdf of the Interest Assessment with Career Clusters included.