Counseling Center Staff

Main: (920) 459-3611    Fax: (920) 803-7619                                                       

School Counselors:                                       

Judy Rowe                                     459-3614                        

Jenny Marks                                803-7748                        

Chia Xiong                                     803-7603                        

Trevor Tagel                                459-6794                        

Joseph O'Brien                     459-3612                       

Younger students will be assigned to the same counselor as their older siblings.

Counselors follow their assigned students through high school to graduation.

School Psychologist:  

Andrea Walter                         803-7621                        

School Social Worker:

Suzanne Speltz                            803-7701                         

Counseling Secretary:     

Lynn Bitney                               459-3558                        

Records Secretary:

Shirley Leighty                          803- 7693