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Lakeshore Technical College requires the Accuplacer or ACT for all students wishing to enter a program. High school students are able to take the Accuplacer at no cost. For more information please go to - http://www.gotoltc.edu/accuplacer


ACT -- American College Testing

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     ACT Online Prep

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AP -- Advanced Placment Exams



The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a free, career interest inventory which may assist you to learn more out about your own strengths and career interests.


PLAN -- Preliminary ACT

PLAN is generally a 10th (some 9th) grade test that provides students with an idea of how they may perform on the ACT Assessment. PLAN measures basic academic development in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.   PLAN helps identify career interests and relates these to educational and training requirements. PLAN measures knowledge of effective study skills and gives students the opportunity to indicate areas of special concern in which they feel they need assistance. PLAN may be a good assessment tool for students who have post secondary thoughts. Listen/read the announcements for the PLAN, including deadlines and fees. This assessment will be given in December.

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PSAT -- Preliminary SAT

The PSAT/NMSQT is a national test that is divided into two sections, Verbal and Math. College bound Juniors (some sophomores) may wish to take the PSAT/NMSQT for a number of reasons. The PSAT is good practice for the SAT / ACT test. Students can see how they compare to other college bound students across the country. Students with exceptionally high scores may be eligible for scholarships including National Merit Scholarships as this is the Qualifying Test.                        

When registering for the PSAT/NMSQT, students are given a Student Bulletin, which contains test taking tips and a practice test. Listen/read the announcements for the PSAT, including deadlines and fees. This assessment will be given in mid-October.


SAT -- Scholastic Aptitude Test

www.collegeboard.com/testing      information on the SAT

SAT Online Prep


UW System Placement Tests





    (regrading the ACT & SAT)

    As a partial fulfillment for admission to universities, colleges, nursing schools, and some technical school programs, prospective students must take one or two different tests. The information listed below is designed to aid in determining which test or tests would be needed in a particular situation. Many take one of these tests in the spring of junior year and may not need to take it again. However, those whose scores were marginal or who are interested in applying for scholarships, may want to retake the test again.

    A. Wisconsin residents applying to UW System schools may submit the results of either the ACT or SAT. The ACT is the preferred test, however, all UW schools will except either test. Students will not be advantaged in the admission process by taking one test rather than the other.

    B. Either the ACT or the SAT must be taken for admission to any of the Wisconsin private colleges or universities. Check to see which is preferred by a particular college.

    C. If you are planning to attend a vocational or technical college in the state, amd depending upon your program interest, it may be necessary to take the ACT.

    D. Various scholarship programs, especially those of national nature, will require SAT or ACT scores as part of the selection process. Students considering an ROTC program or an appointment to a military academy must take one of these exams and in mid Junior year.

    E. ACT & SAT scores may be sent free to four (4) institutions or scholarship programs for the cost of the test. More can be sent for an additional cost. These charges are outlined on each web site.

    F. Hard copy registration materials are available in the Counseling Center. The online process is done with ease and is less time consuming, saving the cosst of postage. Students need to apply early as the available space at test centers does fill up. Should a student take an exam more than once, schools will accept the best of the test scores.

    If you have ???s about WHICH, WHEN, WHY etc. contact the institutions of interest.



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