Guest Passes

Guest passes:
A guest is considered an invited or appearing individual that is not of high school age. If the guest is of high school age please refer to Visitor’s Pass on page 41 of the Student Planner.

No guest passes will be given out when exams or finals are scheduled.

All guests of North High School are required to sign the Visitors Log located in the General Office when they arrive and sign out when they leave.

If past students would like to visit specific teachers, it is suggested:
• The past student should contact the teachers to see if and when they are available for visitors. The teacher will advise the General Office of when the guest will be coming in.
• If a past student has not made plans to visit, a member of the Administration team will be contacted to advise if guest pass should be given.

It is the Administration Team's discretion if a guest pass is given without prior notification.