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    North High School Hosts Visitors from Sister School in France
    North High School is hosting 44 French students from their sister school Lycée René Char in Avignon, France. Along with the students, the head administrator and several teachers have been touring the Sheboygan area, Green Bay, and Madison, learning about American education and experiencing the American way of life.

    On Friday, October 21, the SASD administrators invited the principal and teachers on a tour of various schools. In the afternoon the French staff members met with Superintendent Joe Sheehan and other administrators to discuss the academically rigorous projects and the effects on the student body at both Réne Char and North High School. A possibility of expanding the program to South High School was introduced.

    The visit is a culture and learning experience for both the French and Sheboygan students. As part of this partnership, the teachers of various classes have also engaged the students from both groups in common learning experiences so they can interact while they visit. There will be French and American discussion in Philosophy of “The Stranger”, a shared reading, and in CAPP Composition of the American Dream.

    The connection between North High School and René Char was established in 2006. Retired teacher, Linda Bernard-Olson pursued the idea of a partnership with North High School and Réne Char in coordination with the Department of Public Instruction’s global literacy initiative. Since that time, there have been numerous connections between the French and American students and teachers through collaborations on class work, projects and publications. Teachers at North High School have embraced the connection and integrated it into coursework in many subject areas include geography, language arts, history, physics, French and culinary arts.

    The French visitors will be leaving on Tuesday, October 25. Sheboygan teachers and students are planning a visit to René Char in Avignon, France, over Spring Break to visit the school and to learn about French culture and education.
    Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
    October 24, 2011