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    North High School Hosts Visitors from Germany
    photoRecently, a group of 20 students and 2 chaperones from North High’s sister school Lollar-Brentano Europaschule in Lollar, Germany visited North High School. The German students shadowed American students for 5 full school days and 2 additional part day visits. They met with North High administration and were given a tour of the building.

    While at North High School, the Germans students presented culturally relevant topics to the German classes. Topics presented included:  cars, soccer, Fasching, Gardetanz, German movies/film stars, Oktoberfest, German music and local celebrations.  The students came prepared with powerpoint presentations and encouraged interaction by asking questions. “Talking with people from another country motivates our students to improve their German language skills,” said Susan Kirchner, a North High German teacher and the organizer of the exchange program. The German visitors interacted with other North High students in the library, a math class, in the commons and in the halls during passing period.

    During the visit, students exchanged ideas and shared their culture and every day family rituals. “Sharing their personal experience with foreign visitors reminds North High students that they come from a wonderful, safe, and caring community,” said Kirchner. “Showing off their community and school and having a German student say ‘Wow, that's really cool,’ can have a great impact on a young adult.”

    The visitors are here as part of a full exchange program, where some of the North High students that hosted a German student will travel to Germany and actually stay at that German's home. This exchange program builds a bond between families that crosses continents. German students experienced a home stay with 18 families from the Sheboygan and Kohler communities. They participated in daily excursions around the Sheboygan area and enjoyed spending time with their host families.

    The German chaperones were Nora Redhardt, who had previously participated in the exchange as a student, and Alex Klima. Both chaperones worked with Kirchner to bring the whole program together.

    This exchange takes place every two years. It is expected that North High students will reciprocate a visit to Germany in June, 2012.

    The German group returned home to Germany on November 1st.

    This is German group during their Madison excursion.
    Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
    November 15, 2011