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    North High Students to Travel to Avignon
    North High is pleased to announce that 27 students and three staff members traveled to Avignon, France, March 20-30, as part of an educational exchange program. The students will engage in educational and cultural experiences as part of their home stay with French host families. Students will visit René Char, one of their local secondary schools, where they will shadow a French student. Sheboygan students will also visit the Pope’s Palace, part of the Catholic Church’s historical 14th century schism; Pont Du Gard, an ancient aqueduct; Arles, an ancient Roman city; and Marseilles.

    The Avignon/Sheboygan exchange was created to give students a multicultural educational experience. Students and teachers from Avignon traveled to Sheboygan this past fall for a 10-day intensive visit.  Students experience “everyday life” of their partners as part of the in-home visit.

    Through the exchange, teachers from France work with local teachers to develop collaborative curricular projects. Current projects are ongoing in Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. Students exchange work and discuss their unique perspective. North High teachers, Mrs. Jenni Pickel and Mrs. Erin Belongie, as well as French educators Madame Ann-Marie Caro, and Madame Marie-Felicia Alibert currently coordinate the program.

    The following students will be representing North High on the French Exchange; -Mary Summers-Amanda Taylor-Margaret Stanskas-Nick Cook-Hazel Dulmes-Mckenna Werner-Zach Scheuren-Sarah Pakkebier-Chelsea Riddle-Maggie Gentine-Claudia Stanskas-Anna Harriot-Felicity Mueller-Rachel Platz-Consuelo Hernandez-Megan Hanson-Ian Gordjiez-Sam Towne-Alex Kuehlmann-Megan Christansen-Mitch Wild-Ellie Clark-Haley Kuznacic-Teal Guetschow-Allee Schramm-Samantha Wagner-Taylor Hendrickson

    Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
    April 10, 2013