NCPT - Ground Rules

1.  NCPT discussions will be characterized by straight talk and active listening; alignment of topics with the goals of the meeting and the group; and a focus on accomplishing clear, measurable outcomes.

2.  Because each members' time is a valued resource, the team will emphasize efficiency and productivity at meetings.

3.  Each member of this team brings to the tble a unique background, set of experiences, expertise, and perspective.  This diversity can be an asset to the group, but only if members are open to new ideas and willing to leave any preconceived notions at the door.

4.  Personal criticism and/or derogatory remarks about NCPT members, school district staff, and community members are out of order.

5.  Any criticism of ideas or opinions must emphasize positive examples and be recognizable as constructive.

6.  Members will work collaboratively in an envirnoment that welcomes and fosters creativity, discovery, and resourcefulness.