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Pigeon River Students Reach Out

Fourth graders in Sara Loewen's class participated in "Operation Stars and Stripes", which is a well-known volunteer organization committed to providing overseas troops with letters and care packages from home. In the last seven years, Operation Stars and Stripes has sent over 5,700 packages to our troops.

The Pigeon River students took time to write letters and bring in donations in support of this organization. In addition to writing letters, the kids brought in powdered juice packets, beef jerky, cookies, and many other treats. Some travel blankets and pillows, shampoo, and soap were also donated. The students were able to fill 10 boxes with donations.

Last week, local representatives of the group came to personally thank the class and talk about the importance of remembering those abroad. The students were told how comforting their letters would be to troops so far away from home and from their families. Many of the students have continued to write letters and bring donations for future care packages.

Sheboygan Area School District Press Release
June 26, 2009